Saturday Cereal

This is a fun site I created to experiment with using the Youtube API inside of Drupal. I created a json feed of "channels" and commercials. This json feed breaks up videos I found on youtube of shows from the 80's and 90's into segments and that allows me to add back in commercial breaks so it appears as if you're watching an actual television channel. When the channel gets to the end of a video, the site picks three to five random commercials from my commercial list and plays them for the commercial break before returning back to my playlist to continue on with the show. I also programmed a remote for the TV so you can use that to change the channels, raise and lower the volume, and turn the TV set off and on (though the shows continue to play, just as if you turned off the set in real life). It's the closest you can get to watching TV in 1989 as you can get online!