Tiny Cocktail Arcade

Gizmodo did a nice write for one of my mini arcade builds I did. This all started when I took a 12-in-1 plug and play tv console and modified it so that it fit inside a very small pacman style arcade cabinet. This was, far as I know, the first time I had seen one done in the states and I ended up doing an interview with a morning radio show and lots of articles about it popped up. I followed that build up with a few others, doing a Mortal Kombat style cabinet and then this build. This one is a two player cabinet just like a miniaturized version of the one you'd play at Pizza Hut back in the day. I ended up making a few of these as people desperately wanted one for themselves. Now with the arrival of the Raspberry Pi, Youtube is littered with people making tiny arcade machines. It was fun to be one of the first to take on this hobby. To download a pdf of the plans for this machine click here.